Cold Night
Would you spare me a minute give me a single chance
To look in your eyes let me hold your hand
I want to get close enough to read you, understand you
Open up your heart open up your mind
Nobody needs another stalker in your life
I'm only here to help you learn to love me, to know me

I need a hook so you won't be the one that got away
I need a look that stuns you makes you want to stay
Don't want to speak in case it comes out wrong
Don't want to blink cause in that second you could be gone
I need a twist to help me turn, turn this story around
I need a bridge to cross this dangerous ground
Meet me in the middle like I want you to
I gotta find your heart to shoot my arrow through

Did you see me staring you caught my eye
Don't turn around don't walk away
The night is young can we get together
Got so many questions feelings I can't explain
We're worlds apart don't even know your name
I'm longing to give you my heart

Turn around don't evaporate
Like you never came turn around
Don't be a ghost forever never there to haunt me
Sliding doors they aren't just on a train
We're alone on a platform in the rain
There's a chance and it won't come again
Turn around your whole life has changed
12.11.07 21:17

Never understand!

Ich wünsch dir alles gute,
auch wenn ich mich fühle als wenn mein herz blute,
Doch ich meine warum tust du mir das an?
und machst dich ich nenne keine namen schon an andre herzen ran?
Is dein name
but i think du solltest dich shame!
Ich meinte es ernst!
12.11.07 20:25

12.11.07 20:18


Warum machst du das mit mir?
Ich habe das nicht verdient?
Warum lässt du mein herz so sehr bluten?
Wieso hast du mich betrogen?
Wieso spielst du mit mir?
Du weisst ich will dich ganz oder garnicht,
mein herz zu erfrieren droht,wage es ja nicht!
Warum tust du mir das an!!!!!!!!!!
12.11.07 20:10

Its hard to say I am sorry

Why can't we start a new beginning?
Please hear me
Please hear your heart beat
Please let it all behind you
The future is important,
don't look of my age,
just look me in my eyes,
can you see it?
My heart is beating only for you!
12.11.07 18:50

it feels like yesterday

I think of you...
thousand times
I think you are my man,
and no one else could give me this feeling,
only you!
You make me feel brand new.
You make me feel alright.
You are the best i have ever seen!
Please give me a chance to show you
what real love is!
thanks for all your love you give to me!
I will never forget you!
11.11.07 09:53

10.11.07 16:04

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