Cold Night
you make me so sick

every time we touch,

it feels like you fly away

every time we kiss,

it feels like you are fare away

every time when we are together,

you speak in broken words

every time you hold me in your arms,

you are in another world


What can I do to make you love me?


16.1.08 10:51


you love me in a way i can't pretend,

i can't deny

but you love me

16.1.08 11:49

lesson learns


let's go back down.

baby i will kiss you.

it is nice when i see you.

million possibilties.

many people .

people say.

let s go!

i need that love.

baby let us go.

we have endless love.

crazy love.

wreckless love. 

17.1.08 10:35

every time you kiss me

every time when you kiss me

i fall in love

every time i need you

you are there to kiss me

erery time i see you

my heart just turn around

every time you are there

we kiss us in endless love. give me ever more the feeling you need me

to be happy!!!

i love you baby.we fall in endless love!

we love us.this love will never end!

20.1.08 22:47

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